THE FILM-  It Was A Woman is a first person documentary about the journey of Cherri Low Horn as she tries to make sense of her own experience of being sexually molested as a child by a woman.

Cherri sets off to talk to experts in the field and discovers that society is only just now starting to consider the idea that females might be sex offenders. There aren’t many experts and even the experts agree that there is a lot to learn about this type of sex offense.

At first Cherri Low Horn had a hard time comprehending her own childhood sexual abuse at the hands of a woman. Who ever heard of such a thing? And she suffered from the same misconception as many of us, that sex abuse victims are doomed to become perpetrators themselves. That’s not true. With this documentary Cherri bypasses shame and denial to take us on her personal journey from myth and confusion to knowledge and a happy ending.

The documentary combines live footage with graphics and drawings. Cherri, a trained artist, uses her artwork to help illustrate the emotional experience of the story as she lived it as well as her understanding of the information she obtains on the subject.