Nicki Garwood
Nicki Garwood, MSW, Psychotherapist. After training at the McGill Forensic Psychiatric Clinic, Nicki worked as a psychotherapist at CRC Maison Waseskun House, a residential centre for First Nations, Metis and Inuit men emerging from provincial and federal correctional institutions. After moving to private practice, she continued to deliver therapeutic services to individuals, couples and families from Aboriginal communities across Quebec. Most recently, she has taken a position as a psychotherapist to the Cree community of Chisasibi, Quebec.  Her career working alongside Aboriginal peoples spans twenty-five years.    Ms. Garwood is the author of I Have to Go Home Now: A Cross-Cultural Journey with Aboriginal Peoples (

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Julie Brand, M.S.
CAPER Consulting (Child Abuse Prevention, Education and Recovery)

Julie Brand holds a Master’s degree in Counseling and enjoyed a distinguished 25-year career as a school counselor. Now she uses her unique perspective as both counselor and survivor, to speak out about females who sexually abuse children.  Since 2005, she has educated and empowered audiences across the United States with her dynamic programs on maternal incest, female offenders in positions of trust and the opportunities for recovery from childhood trauma. She combines research data, professional insights and her personal experiences to enlighten audiences about the reality of mother-daughter sexual abuse.  Julie’s upbeat presentations focus on the power of resiliency and healing in all of our lives. In 2007, she published A Mother’s Touch: Surviving Mother-Daughter Sexual Abuse.

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Franca Cortoni
Franca Cortoni received her doctorate in clinical and forensic psychology from Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario. Since 1989, she has worked with and conducted research on female and male sexual offenders. After working many years with the Correctional Service of Canada where she provided assessment and treatment services to convicted sexual offenders and conducted research on these topics, she is now Associate Professor at the School of Criminology at the Université de Montréal and Research Fellow at the International Centre of Comparative Criminology. Dr. Cortoni has published extensively and made numerous presentations at national and international conferences on sexual offender issues. Among others, she has edited a book on female sexual offenders and a book on criminal violence (published in French). She is also a member of the Editorial Board of Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment and of the International Advisory Board of the Journal of Sexual Aggression.

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Rick Goodwin, MSW, RSW
Rick is the co-founder and Executive Director of The Men’s Project, as well as serving as National Manager to 1in6 Canada:  the Nation’s Knowledge Centre for Male Sexual Trauma and Recovery.   Apart from his managerial duties, Rick conducts training workshops for professionals on issues concerning men across North America.  His research and writing includes co-authoring Men & Healing: Theory, Research and Practice with Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse (2009) which was commissioned by the Cornwall Public Inquiry. Rick was also the author for Health Canada in their investigation concerning the correlation between men’s experience of HIV and sexual violence.  He has since been published in Healing World Trauma with the Therapeutic Spiral Model (London: Jessica Kingsley, 2013) and Translating Psychological Research into Practice (New York: Springer, 2013).

Rick is the inaugural recipient of the inaugural Attorney General’s Award of Distinction for his work in “developing and implementing innovative victim service programs” (2007). He also serves on the National Victims of Crime Advisory Committee of Justice Canada as an Advisory Board Member to 1in6 Inc. (USA).

He is available for training and consultation. He can be reached at:
Phone: (613) 230-6179 Ext. 400
Email: rgoodwin<at>

Dr. Christine Hatchard
Dr. Hatchard is an assistant professor of Psychology at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, NJ and a licensed clinical psychologist with a private practice where she specializes in psychodynamic therapy and psychological assessment for sexual abuse civil litigation. She is also the executive director and President of the Board of Directors for Making Daughters Safe Again, Inc., a nonprofit organization providing support services for survivors of mother-daughter sexual abuse. In 2011, she released a documentary entitled Who Will Love Me? Four Stories of Mother-daughter Sexual Abuse. Dr. Hatchard has traveled internationally to present her film and provide trainings for graduate students and mental health professionals.

Martens and Associates
Since 1983 the Yellowhead Family Sexual Assault Treatment Program has provided individual, couple, family, and group therapy to hundreds of people. This includes victims, non-offending spouses/parents, offenders, the siblings of the victim, the parents of the offender and non offending spouse/parent, and other family members or community people associated with the families.

Tony Martens, M.Sc. (Psy); BSW; RCC; RSW has 36 years of experience working in the field of violence and mental health and 33 years in developing, implementing and operating long-term holistic (therapeutic) treatment programs in the field of Domestic Violence, sexual abuse and incest. Tony has and continues to work in partnership with many government and non-governmental organizations and has worked in over 500 First Nations and Inuit communities across Canada. Tony developed the first holistically base outpatient alternative to incarceration treatment program for offenders, victims, and family members of sexual abuse, which remain in operation to this day.

For years Tony was the National (and Provincial) Mental Health Consultant for Health Canada and provided a wide range of services in response to critical crisis situations. Tony has published in his field and is the author of The Spirit Weeps: Characteristics and Dynamics of Incest and Child Sexual Abuse with a Native Perspective, and has conducted more than 1,000 workshops and training courses across Canada.

The Men’s Project
The Men’s Project is a non-profit charitable men’s counselling agency that has been providing clinical services to men and their families since 1997. Based in Ottawa, it provides men with a variety of psychotherapeutic and educational services. It provides individual and couple therapy along with a variety of group therapy programs including trauma recovery, anger management, emotional intelligence, fathering and sexual integrity. It is best known for its award-winning Men & Healing program, a phased, long-term trauma treatment program for childhood abuse survivors. All services are specifically designed for men and professionally facilitated by accredited psychotherapists.

1in6 Canada: Canda’s Knowledge Centre on Male Sexual Trauma & Recovery                                                                                                            
1in6 Canada supports male survivors of sexual trauma in their journey of recovery. By providing knowledge, tools and resources to men, their families and communities, and their service providers, 1in6 Canada creates positive and lasting change helping male survivors realize their full potential as men of integrity, resilience and courage.